Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Registrating as a user

After submitting the registration form you will get an e-mail containing a confirmation link. After confirmation you have full access to the site.
Your personal data will be used/stored as described in Privacy Policy.

Registrating as a performer/studio

The process is done just as for a regular user.
However, in order to use the streaming function, you will have to provide proof of your age and identity.
Your personal data will be used/stored as described in Privacy Policy and 18 U.S.C. § 2257 Statement.

Registered as a model/studio but the system won't allow crypto transactions

The most common reason is the lack of account verification. For ruther instructions visit the verification page.

Denied authentication request

To verify your account you have to provide picture(s)-

  • -of your whole IDs' both sides that contains your name, photo and proves you're an adult;
  • -that is clear enough to be readable;
  • -of you holding your ID next to your face.

If the conditions above are not met, your request will be denied.

Uploading money to your personal wallet

Followed by registration, every user gets their unique webwallet address for the accepted valutes.
This wallet can be filled up anytime; its' balance can be used for tipping and starting private/group streams.

Withdrawing from the webwallet

Every tip and minute based show is a real time transaction between wallets, therefore these can not be returned.
The available amount of the PRD wallet can be withdrawn to any wallet not associated with PRD.

Converting crypto to devisa and vice versa

The site dissociates itself from exchanging crypto, therefore there is no way to do so.
For exchanging crypto follow the instructions described in Crypto Policy.

Money transfers form/to the webwallet won't arrive

Each transfer has to go through a verification process which time depends on the load of the system.
For bitcoin it can take some hours; for others it's usually faster.
If the transferred amount won't show 1-2 hours later, check if the reciever wallets' address is correct; if so, please contact us.

If the transfer is for an exchange site, it is possible that the problem occures on their server; in this case, contact their tech support.

The stream is laggy

Make sure-

  • -you have a stabile connection;
  • -the site has access to javascript, cahce and cookie storage;

The site is still in beta version, so it is possible that the experienced problem is our fault.
For better user experience, please help our work by submitting-

  • -your operating system;
  • -the browser and it's version number you are using;
  • -the device on which you watch the streams;
  • -a screenshot/a few seconds long video of the experienced problem;

Thank you!

If you can't find the answer for your question, please contact us at